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Providing All Your Garden Needs

Plant Soil
Plant Soil

In-Store Potting

Whether you've have an empty pot sitting at home or find one in our store, we can help you pick out a plant and plant it for you right here in our store. Typically we can plant 1 to 2 pots in about 30 minutes. If you need multiple pots done we ask that you schedule a drop off and pickup date. Pricing will vary. 


This is a service offered exclusively to businesses and offices who would like to bring greenery into their workspace. We provide plants and containers that match your design needs and then we take care of them for you! Contact us for an install quote and monthly service rate. 

Hotel Patio
Patio and Garden

On-Site Potting

Although we do not do landscape install, we will come to your office or residence to repot large pots. Pick out your plants or we can do it for you, schedule a date and time, and then relax we do the hard part. Note there is a convenience fee.


If you buy a tree or large quantity of plants and can't get them home we can deliver! We do not deliver pine-straw, but we can recommend other local businesses who can deliver pine-straw.

There is a $50 delivery fee.

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